Wooden Pergola for Decorative Outdoor Design

Wooden Pergola for Decorative Outdoor Design – What do you want to choose as wooden pergola to be applied in your house? In this case, we have one with the decoration of Gorgeous Ranch that has been projected by Galeazzo Design. The house was designed by the architect with elegant interior design and great natural exterior design. The house is in Sao Paulo, Brazil as one of the contemporary home design.

Well, in related situation, here we are with the design and details of the Ranch with wooden pergola seat. The constructions of Ranch included furniture palettes plans in this case are dominantly designed in hardwood situations and combined with some stones and modern nuance the woods are designed for building the pergola, this house has wide pond in natural shades surrounded by many natural trees. There is also great swimming pool in front side with wooden deck as well. There is some furniture applied in brown as outdoor social room. On the top of the roof, they apply the palettes of the furniture as orange chairs and brown table.

Dealing with interior design, there are several colors applied in decoration and applying the furniture. When being in kitchen, we will get gorgeous furniture in stones wall constructions. The furniture is in combination of concrete and stainless steel materials. There is also a big fridge applied. The counter is also stylized with orange chairs as bold palette. The dining table consists of the house is made in two tale in which the furniture is same. They are wooden brown table with brown chairs combining.

Related Images of Wooden Pergola

In this article, we can take more looks at this hoe decoration. It is because the house consists of great and gorgeous home decoration both interior and exterior. The furniture and decoration applied is kind of impressive decorative accessories and furniture as well. Therefore, just let this furniture palettes plans design as what we are looking for as some inspiring ideas with modern wooden pergola in designing a house.