Wooden Cabinet in Contemporary Home Interior Design

Wooden Cabinet in Contemporary Home Interior Design – Showcasing the mix of elements, this contemporary home in Melbourne, Australia hides its charm from the warm wood tone throughout its open interior with wooden cabinet. Designed by Breathe Architecture, this living space wonderfully combines the zinc clad to its exterior along with the wood and transparent glass elements which results in striking exterior. The interior itself offers the airy and bright feeling through its all-white interior that is beautifully accented by warm wood color.

The extensive use of transparent glass element for this living space which applies wooden cabinet design entitled as Orrong Road House successfully provides plenty of natural light indoors. Thus, along with the all-white and open interior, undoubtedly it feels really spacious indoors. However, this contemporary home design also includes the metal pergola to provide a protection to screen the light outdoors. This way, the indoor living space may feel bright and sunny without blinding the eyes due the abundant light.

Walking inside this Orrong Road House, you will be greeted by the beautiful combination of clean and bright white surface with charming warm color, dominated by the beautiful wooden furnishings. Look at this lovely dining space, exhibiting the wooden dining set designed with modern style. Located by the large glass windows, this space is undoubtedly cozy for any dining time, with the greenery outdoors to accompany.

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However, you will find the rich color splash not only on the lovely wooden furnishings indoors. Look at the floor slab, which provides not only the charming warm color to build the cozy vibe but also the ability to serve as energy solution. During the cool days, the floor slab would help keeping this home warm due its ability to store the heat and warmth of the sun. Surprisingly eco-conscious, this contemporary interior design idea with wooden cabinet door handles shows us how a comfortable life can be achieved with the consideration of energy saving.