Tufted Leather Sofa for Warm Interior Design with Smooth Color Theme

Tufted Leather Sofa for Warm Interior Design with Smooth Color Theme – This 7-Room Stockholm Duplex showcases the interior design with tufted leather sofa in vibrant ambiance. Cozy look is given by the choice of the interior decoration and the comfortable furniture that fits well with the modern look in this interior. If you would like to have the warm nuance when you are enjoying your meals, you can set your dining room base on this dining area. Wooden furniture gives the smooth and the traditional look in this dining area. This wooden dining furniture looks warm with the beige interior flooring that brightens the room interior.

Coziness is also given by the design of the living room. White sofas and sleek table and chairs from wooden elements look great as the companion of this modern furniture. The black side cabinets look classy to be placed by the windows. The classical lamps are set in this interior as the additional lighting. This interior design color such as on the tufted leather sofa living room gives the vibrant ambiance and the smooth looks are displayed by this interior space. Dark color is shown by the dark wooden beams that are set as the interior ceiling.

Placing side by side with the living area, this wooden dining furniture gives the practical look in this interior arrangement. The long curtain covers the large windows giving the airy impression in this interior space. Adding the warmth in this living space, modern fireplace is placed here in sleek design. White is still the color applied in this modern interior items.

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The other dining furniture is placed in the other interior room. Rustic texture presented by the flooring gives the traditional look in this dining space. Rusticity is also presented by the design of the interior ceiling. Contemporary lighting is set on the rustic ceiling in this dining area. Interior design concept for modern home with tufted leather sofa modern can be created with this rustic accent.