Toilet Seat Design for Minimalist Loft House

Toilet Seat Design for Minimalist Loft House – Henry Franks who applies toilet seat design for minimalist loft house in India is really creative since the seat is covered by using wooden material. The wooden material that is used is brown walnut wood so that it has authentic pattern. In addition, the main material of the toilet is made from porcelain material so that it embosses perfect appearance.

The interior of the kitchen that is built in minimalist loft house is indeed designed in wooden interior. Only the interior wall that is designed by applying concrete material but the floor and decoration are applied by wooden material. The interior wall is also painted in peach color so that the wooden floor and wooden door is really looked so awesome. Indeed, toilet seat design becomes one of many important parts of minimalist loft house since it is decorated by applying wooden material and concrete material. The interior lamp of the loft house is also installed in compact color so that it is really looked so enchanting.

The toilet seat itself is designed by adding tissue holder so that you can easily take it rather than using flusher. However, for the flusher design, the porcelain material is used as main material so that it perfectly matches the decoration of the minimalist loft house. The white color of the toilet and authentic pattern of the toilet seat is really enchanting. Another furnishing, such as bath up and bathroom sink are also designed by applying wooden material and porcelain material. Indeed, the decoration for interior of minimalist toilet in loft house is really looked so enchanting.

Examples of Toilet Seat Design

Indeed, aluminum decoration for the bathroom faucet or aluminum flusher is adding perfect design for the minimalist toilet. In addition, the hardwood floor is covered by mosaic rug so that it is looked so enchanting. Briefly, for a toilet seat design, combining porcelain and wooden material is the greatest idea.