Swivel Armchair in Modern Cabin Home Design in Hill Side

Swivel Armchair in Modern Cabin Home Design in Hill Side – When being on a hill of Whidbey Island in Washington, USA, we will find kind of picturesque home stay called Whidbey Island Cabin with swivel armchair for the interior furniture. This is a kind of contemporary home design with wonderful panoramic views. This building was projected by CHESMORE|BUCK Architecture with wood materials as dominant characters. This building is situated in middle of forest facing to great landscape. The atmosphere is also proper enough with the environment.

Look at pictures following the details of Whidbey Island Cabin which has interior furniture of leather swivel armchair. The Whidbey Island Cabin design is structured in dominant with wood material. It is also combined with the existence of glasses for some parts, especially for facades. Yeah, it is to allow people enjoy the outside views and get skylight penetrate as well. The house is made as single story. The wall design is made in striped rams made of woods gathered. To reach each building, they make concrete pathways in wide area. The roofs are stylized in prefabricated materials.

The wooden materials are also applied to decorate the interior design of this house. They make the floor based on rich wood, the wall panels, and also min constructions. The room is made in spacious area. As in dining area, they apply round wooden table and two chairs at the corner. The kitchen is in same room with square cutting edge big counter at center with grey countertop. There are two brown porcelain chairs pleating. The living are is applied at the corner with its medium brown sofa facing to TV set.

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Well, what kind of picturesque house do you like most? Is it the natural one? If it is yes, you can get more looks in this article with other picturesque designs of Whidbey Island Cabin. The Whidbey Island Cabin destination can be proper space in order to take living space by sitting on swivel armchair for living room for moment as vacations.