Swimming Pool for Home Design in Contemporary Style

Swimming Pool for Home Design in Contemporary Style – This spectacular and stylish desert home with swimming pool in Peru is a great reference for you in showing off how the style and creativity can result in striking living space no matter where it is. Designed by Seinfeld Arquitectos, this contemporary home, named as Deployed House, exhibits the cool design for its exterior, defined by the clean line to define the edge of its all-white exterior fantastically. Surrounded by the rough environment, this Deployed House wonderfully creates a harmony despite its contrasting appearance.

As you can see, this Deployed House exhibits the striking contemporary style of swimming pool ideas to both of its interior and exterior. This three-leveled desert home design for its exterior also involves the extensive use of transparent glass element. However, you can also find the stunning natural element as part of its exterior, as seen in the charming textured brick stone as part of its facade. The result is really wonderful and charming; beautifully contrasting the clean white exterior in its gorgeous warm and rich color.

Surrounded by the rough, desert environment, this Deployed House provides a cozy leisure outdoor space arranged surrounding the refreshing outdoor pool. Just imagine how relaxing it is to hang around this space especially during the weekends, where you can enjoy the beautiful sunny days while refreshing your body by swimming. This outdoor pool space also offers the gorgeous warm color of the natural element from brick stone that undoubtedly enhances the cozy vibe. Stunning wooden loungers are added to provide more comfort.

Swimming Pool Concept Ideas

Stepping inside Deployed House, you will be greeted by the airy and spacious feeling due the minimalist approach applied to its interior. The impression is also beautifully formed by using only the clean bright white color for each surface, which is contrasted beautifully by gorgeous flooring design. Look at this wonderful minimalist bedroom with undisrupted view of the fantastic environment outdoors, which celebrates the spacious feeling due its minimalist appearance. See how amazing it is how the simple interior as part of this desert house design which has outdoor swimming pool will incorporate the spectacular outdoors easily.