Shoe Shelves in Apartment Interior as the Storage Furniture

Shoe Shelves in Apartment Interior as the Storage Furniture – This beautiful Scandinavian apartment in Stockholm is designed by blending the classic detail with modern style such as the shoe shelves. Its Scandinavian interior allows this two-floor apartment to look totally bright and airy. Rather than appear to be plain and boring, this living space interior is spectacularly designed to allow the modernity exposed. Located in Stockholm’s Old Town, this apartment will charm you with its classic beauty.

Stepping inside this two-floor living space, you will find an open living area designed with spectacular visual impression. The cool and bright white ceiling is preserved to its original shape, accented by the gorgeous wooden beams. The result is really spectacular, marking the notable element of shoe shelves ideas to this Scandinavian apartment design.

Looking so classic and fantastic, the living area interior is designed with contemporary style to keep up with the modernity. Besides, the white interior successfully allows the cool and modern furnishings to pop out easily, thus adding more character to this cool apartment. Just take a look at the sitting space, presenting not only the bright and bold red splash but also the super stylish Togo sofa as a comfortable seating.

More splash of color is also seen from the charming small details. As you have seen, it is undoubtedly hard to let the bright red Togo sofa to go without being unnoticed. However, what about the small and fresh green plants? Not only adding the eye-catchy decor for the small side table, the small potted plant also brings in the freshness just by being put on the window pane.

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Moving to the bedroom, you will be captivated by its charming look. This space may not present the spectacular impression just like the living area. However, this room showcases its charm from the warm raw wood element seen on its large and subtle storage space. Keeping this white bedroom organized and neat, the large storage space showcases the gorgeous texture and surface that undoubtedly will make this Scandinavian apartment interior design with shoe shelves in closet looks more fantastic.