Round Dining Tables as Dining Room Furniture Set in Home Interior Design

Round Dining Tables as Dining Room Furniture Set in Home Interior Design – Perfect as a place to run away for a while from the big city rush, this contemporary home which applies round dining tables in Pawling, New York is wonderfully designed to allows the cozy and soothing vibe flowing. Designed by SPG Architects, this Pawling House is surrounded by the lush and fresh greenery that certainly will provide the fresh air to this living space. Thus, it becomes unquestionable that this home is designed to support the openness to outdoors, thus opening a way for the fresh air and greenery to get inside.

To enhance the coziness and soothing vibe, the interior of this Pawling House is designed with the choice of charming warm color such as the round dining tables and chairs. Look at this contemporary home design for the charming living room, which allows the natural light indoors, making this room painted in pale beige looks undoubtedly beautiful. We really adore the green splash indoors, provided by the cozy seating placed by the window in gorgeous curvy shape. We really adore how this space wonderfully inserts the charming natural element to create a beautiful harmony, as seen on the cool coffee table design.

Moving to the bright and airy kitchen space, you will be greeted by the charming texture of wooden surface wrapping the large kitchen cabinetry. Contrasting the clean white surface perfectly, the warm wooden tone wonderfully exhibits the cozy feeling throughout this space. The fresh greenery outdoors is incorporated through the large glass windows, which instantly brings color splash indoors. You can also find more color splash, showcasing colorful decoration from the contemporary artwork.

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This Pawling House provides not only the cozy space indoors. You can also find the leisure outdoor space that is designed surrounding the refreshing green pool. Surrounded by the lush green, the natural environment becomes a great buffer to protect the privacy perfectly. The outdoor pool is designed carefully to offers the natural impression, which is equipped with cozy loungers that undoubtedly reflecting this contemporary home design idea with round dining tables with leaf to provide cozy and soothing living space.