Room Divider Bookcase for Eclectic Scandinavian Interior Design

Room Divider Bookcase for Eclectic Scandinavian Interior Design – Alvhem, the decorator of Singaporean flat who applies Scandinavian interior for main interior is indeed very creative interior design with room divider bookcase. The combination of modern furnishings with rustic material for floor installation and interior wall are indeed looked so compact to the flat design. In addition, main color that is chosen for the flat is white color so that the flat is really looked so enchanting.

Designed in minimalist design, the flat becomes so enchanting since it has small space. Moreover, the white color of interior wall is making the flat is really looked so perfect with modern furnishings. For example, the small dining room that is applied by wooden dining table is perfectly matched being designed along with small kitchen. Whether the kitchen island is made from aluminum material for the kitchen storage, the wooden furniture of the dining sets is really looked so perfect. Even, two different elements that are applied as main decoration makes the Scandinavian interior design are looked more eclectic with the room divider bookcase. The wooden floor that is covered by white rug is really harmonizing the interior design of this flat.

The hanging lamps that are covered by glass ornaments are indeed looked so compact as main interior lamp since the interior is designed in white interior. Some red bricks that are applied as main interior wall that is functioned as main room divider is indeed making the flat are looked so classy. Indeed, along with main design of the flat, the modern furnishings are completely making the flat becomes so enchanting. The main suite room of this flat is also very enchanting since bunk bed is used as main bed design. Designed in minimalist interior, the lower platform is used to white closet made from wooden material.

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However, whether this flat is designed in similar design for interior, main material that is used for the floor installation is different. Those two materials are walnut wood and cedar wood. Briefly, interior design of this flat is perfectly enchanting being designed by applying room divider bookcase for main design.


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