Private Residence Design with Exterior Walling Design

Private Residence Design with Exterior Walling Design – A New York-based design firm, ONG&ONG Studio, is showing that art of small space home design creation in this private residence design. This stunning private living space is located in the crowded residential area of Singapore. This lovely contemporary style home is a house that builds for family usage. This lovely family home is able to show such a great beauty in the exterior and interior area and because of that kind of quality, this amazing home design looks very different compare to the surrounding home design.

From the front side of this nice private residence design you will able to see that this house dominated by three main materials, stone, steel and concrete. The stone is covering the major part of the house exterior wall. It is the one that make this house looks so luxurious. Not yet to be mentioned that there is a nice steel and wood combination fence that sounded this home. This fence adds some nice accent in the “cold” stone exterior walling design. The steel is used as the house frame. It uses in the pillars and it also uses to shape the house. The other material that use in this lovely residential home design is concrete. It uses in the home foundation and most of the architectural part.

As the identity of space, the interior design of this perfect private residence design also plays an important role to determine the style and the beauty of this house. There are two main design characters that you will find in this modern style interior decoration, simplicity and luxury.

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Those are basically the elements that develop the quality of this gorgeous private residence design. Nice private residence design called The Y House is something that can become a nice example for a small space family residence creation, indeed.