Outdoor Wicker Chairs Captivating Ultramodern Home in Sustainable Design

Outdoor Wicker Chairs Captivating Ultramodern Home in Sustainable Design – Earth colors make the design of this ultramodern home with outdoor wicker chairs designed by Carver + Schicketanz. The location of this home is in Big Sur, California, USA. The home structure is made from earth elements such as the natural stones used as the exterior boundaries wall. This element gives the rustic textures among the other exterior elements such as the concrete and the glass elements. Neutral colors are employed as the concrete wall color. The house shape is in curved shapes showing the contemporary design of a living space.

The glass elements make the breezy impression in this home design. The glass element is also employed as the second floor balustrade on the upper or top of the home design. Pebbles are used as the exterior flooring that also has succulent plants on it. The outdoor space is furnished with the modern chairs and outdoor wicker dining chairs in light grey colors. These chairs look comfortable and they are accompanied by the modern table in the similar colors. The comfortable outdoor space is suitable with the vibrant ultramodern home floor plan used in the interior design.

The open floor plan is employed as the interior design concept. The colors applied in this home design are the earth color and the soft colors theme. The dining room and the living room are placed in the similar open plan concept. Wooden flooring looks great with the dining furniture in the same color theme. The design of this furniture looks perfect for this interior theme.

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Soft beige is the color theme used on the living room furniture. The comfortable sofas are suitable for this airy living space. The comfortable designs of this interior with cozy ambiance are beautifully arranged acing the waterfront site. The other part of the interior design is also designed in this cozy way. Ultramodern home designs which apply outdoor wicker chairs with ottomans are always the perfect concept to be applied in the classy waterfront theme.