Outdoor Table Umbrella for Beach Residence Exterior Decor

Outdoor Table Umbrella for Beach Residence Exterior Decor – The inspiring design of outdoor table umbrella is presented by the style of this beach residence built by Owen Dalton Masterbuilder77. This residence is in Pacific Ocean and built in two stories home. This is the stylish beach home. The sleek look is presented by the exterior design of this residence look. The wooden elements are used as the terrace deck in the home outdoor. This wooden deck looks great with the sand flooring in the landscape. Glass balustrade is set as the second flooring balustrade. The terrace is furnished with the sleek furniture in bright design.

This Malibu Home looks luxurious with its contemporary design. The luxury look is presented by the design of the interior space. Wooden flooring makes the interior looks warmer. A white chair is placed in the corner of the room. This white chair looks beautiful with the violet carpet under it. The beach residence design which applies outdoor table umbrella stand looks beautiful facing the blue ocean.

The outdoor terrace is chic with the sleek furniture in bright color. Wooden deck fits well with the wooden exterior wall. A wooden table is placed between the benches in sleek design with white cushions on them. The white umbrellas are set over this terrace furniture. This terrace is well connected with the living room that is also furnished with the white modern furniture, too. It gives the clean look in this living space. The white carpet looks great to be set on this living room flooring.

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The kitchen interior looks alluring with the dark colored furniture. The dark colored chairs and tables look great with the white interior elements. The kitchen counter is in wooden counter with black countertop. The kitchen island has the similar color with the kitchen counter. The kitchen island looks beautiful with the dark woven stools behind it. Beach residence concept of outdoor table and chairs with umbrella applied in this exterior design.