Nightstand Lamp in Striking Modern Hotel with Unique Glass Facade

Nightstand Lamp in Striking Modern Hotel with Unique Glass Facade – If you are planning to visit Chile soon, this modern hotel in Dalcahue, Los Lagos Region is a place you cannot miss because there is decoration of nightstand lamp. Strikingly designed with unique glass façade, this Refugia Hotel by Mobil Arquitectos will stun you with its spectacular exterior design. Equipping the extensive transparent glass façade, you can find the cool ceilings wrapped in wood element that undoubtedly provide the cozy vibe overflowing indoors.

The striking glass façade will allow you to overlook the unabated incredible view from this Refugia Hotel. The extensive use of transparent glass element undoubtedly allows this modern hotel interior to appear bright and airy as well, due the abundant natural light from nightstand lamp ideas t. Imagine how refreshing it is to stay in this hotel with beautiful natural view surrounding this strikingly designed place.

Let’s start from the most important room in any hotel: bedroom. Wrapped beautifully in wood element, this bedroom undoubtedly celebrates the abundant of warm natural color that easily makes this one feels totally cozy. We really love the splash of warm, rich color including the charming maroon cushions as part of this bedroom interior. Overlooking the beautiful and sparkling lake view, spending the rest time within this bedroom undoubtedly is a precious time, isn’t it?

Moving to the restaurant that is designed with large glass windows as part of this Refugia Hotel’s glass facade, you will find how enjoying the delightful dishes certainly never feels this refreshing. Celebrating the abundant natural light along with the fresh green splash from greenery outdoors, this restaurant will make you feel contained and relaxing; and do not forget about the happy tummy!

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Mostly designed in minimalist approach, Mobil Arquitectos really knows how to mix the esthetics aspect with comfortable feeling that is undoubtedly vital for hospitality. You can see how the charming wooden surface brings in the eye-catchy accent along with the warm feeling for each of its room. This modern hotel interior design with nightstand lamp modern certainly is not only spectacular; it will make your stay feels unforgettable as well.