Modern Outdoor Fountains for Vigorous Residence Design

Modern Outdoor Fountains for Vigorous Residence Design – Nico van der Meulen Architects has brilliantly invented a very enormous residence design for an exclusive dwelling named Joc House with a very contemporary style and elegant arrangement of modern outdoor fountains. This house stands gigantically in Johannesburg, South Africa with size about 9,600 square feet. The design emphasizes on beam and glass structures which apparently emerge very sharp, firm and mature. For the interior design, different materials were used along with enchanting arrangement and decoration.

Those big glass walls, gigantic beam cement pillars and ceilings basically become the main representation of a very mature residence design concept of this residence. The exterior was also formed with some distinctive features for instance very enchanting outdoor water features along with modern outdoor fountains. Then for the interior, the design seems more elegant and glazing also becomes more dominant. The whitish living room has ultimate attraction through its high ceilings and large glass windows.

Further ahead, the bathroom also emerges very glamour with marble wash basin. Then the indoor swimming pool has a very sturdy design with some concrete walls around it. Double floating staircases are the next impressive element, which successfully demonstrates a very sleek and elegant style. Moreover, the modern kitchen and dining room were designed in a very integrative form, complete with a barbeque counter. Those elements obviously will pamper the owner since it will give the best excitement of modern living experience with lavish decoration.

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To conclude this lodge would be very cozy since it shows a very mature fusion of exterior structure which is glass and beam implementation, and interior decoration which is elegant and lavish arrangement of glazing, classic coloring and voguish furniture. Hence this dwelling would be one of the most captivating visual of modern residence which undoubtedly could show the very vigorous exterior with modern outdoor fountains and the elegant interior as well, along with precise implementation of glass and beam structures.