Modern Easy Chair for Living Room Furniture of Classic House

Modern Easy Chair for Living Room Furniture of Classic House – Everyone must have known Andrea Colombo and Linda Assandri who in this earliest day just designed modern easy chair for living room. Being applied for classic house, the modern chair is really astonishing since it has compact elements. Actually, the original design of the modern chair is derived by using cars elements and classic decoration of vintage furnishings. Indeed, the design is totally astonishing and makes everyone want to bring it home.

With puffed design at the first layer, the modern chair is really looked so enchanting since suede material is the main material. The puffed design is also looked so astonishing since it has asymmetric design for the seat. The arm design however is designed by applying cars’ bumper so that it is looked so authentic. The front bumper itself is indeed still looked like a new car since it is polished. The round bulb and signal lamps are still looked so perfect. With this kind of modern easy chair, the interior design of the classic house must be so astonishing along with other vintage decoration.

The modern chair itself is also designed by adding footrest that is designed in ornamental design. The combination of red color for the seat is looked so perfect to the white color of armchairs. The headrest of the modern chair is indeed looked so classy since it is decorated by applying ornamental decoration. Another model of this modern chair is the black color for the cushion. However, the front bumper that is used still in white color as the original design is. Applying it as main furniture for the classic house is really making the interior is looked so enchanting.

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Indeed, fireplace mantel of classic house that is designed by adding ornamental decoration is really looked as the same as the modern chair. Indeed, applying modern easy chair must be so compact for classic house.