Log Cabin Homes with Various Models in Big Urban City

Log Cabin Homes with Various Models in Big Urban City – If you want to build log cabin homes, Polygonal Architecture and others are providing you with various models for the house. Made from wooden material, the cabin is really looked so authentic. Actually, the cabin itself is being designed by applying glass material for the outdoor cover, however since the wooden material is used for the window shutter, the house is really looked so enchanting.

Built in urban area, indeed the cabin is not merely like cabin in the woods since the cabin is surrounded by green lawn. Some savanna and tropical plants are indeed also being planted so that the cabin is really looked so green. Glass exterior wall that is covered by wooden shutter is merely looked so chic since it embosses finest reflection. If the cabin is built in duplex floor, aluminum cylinder pillars are used to lift the floor installation. Since the cabin is made from logwood, the cabin is really looked so enchanting along with modern design for the interior design. Indeed, by choosing log cabin homes as main living place, your life must be so hilarious.

The minimalist interior that is applied for the main model of the house is indeed so compact to the design of the house. In addition, the house is being decorated by applying modern furnishings so that it is really looked so enchanting. The modern furnishings are merely looked so perfect since it is designed in modern design with white color as main color. The interior design is merely looked so minimalist since the glass panels are embossing finest outlook that makes the design for the cabin is totally enchanting.

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Indeed, applying modern furnishings for interior and authentic decoration for exterior can be considered as lavish design. Briefly, the main design of the cabin is totally enchanting with log cabin homes being used to main design.

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