Kitchen Shelving in Two Story House Design

Kitchen Shelving in Two Story House Design – Here is the design and details about Nova Lima House with kitchen shelving one of the projects by Denise Macedo Arquitetos Associados. The house is a kind of modern house that is in Nova Lima, Minas Gerais, Brazil. This house is made as two-story house with great situation and cutting edge designs and decorations. The house characterizes the extensive art collections. Besides the amazing building, this house has also additional views of panorama around.

Let’s check the pictures! This Nova Lima House design with kitchen shelving unit has been completed as well in 2010. The building is located in higher place in middle of natural space and conditions. The facades feature glass constructions allowing outside views. Street achieving the house is made of asphalt. It is crossing the lawn as the porch. In lawn, we will see wonderful lighting systems come from the sides. The second floor includes opened wide balcony. It is stylized with the existence of blue chairs facing to views around. The grips applied are from glasses.

The interior design is stylized in gorgeous designs. The living room is in spacious area with high ceiling designs. As we see, it include wide living room. They consist of long brown leather sofa crossed with single black chairs. The two sides are designed with long black bench with sofa with no arm and backrest. At the center, we will see some round grey table included. Besides the existence of the furniture, they also add it with several accessories such as flowers, statue, and other decorations that make the house looks more cutting edge.

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How do you feel about the kind of house? Do you like it? Well, you can get more designs about this article by following the pictures. This article will help you to find the great design of Nova Lima House; therefore, just get the Nova Lima House design ideas with kitchen shelving system as our ideas as well.