Kitchen Shelf Design in Slim and Simple Shapes

Kitchen Shelf Design in Slim and Simple Shapes – Daniele Lago from Lago, an Italian furniture manufacturer has formed a very stylish kitchen shelf design for one modular shelving system named LagoLINEA. The design was very modern with emphasize on slim and chic yet simple structures. The purpose of the design apparently to provide more flexible and individual ideas of arrangement, along with some inspirations on how to maximize the utility of these shelves. And with diverse hues and trendy rectangular shapes, these shelves will beautify each room with ultimate impressive outlook.

Generally, the simplicity was added in each part of these shelves, with slim and minimalist figures. Then for the material, the designer has used a very high quality materials yet still economic. For some home owners who want to form and implement kitchen shelf design could choose the shelf which has larger and longer size. For those who adore modern and sleek appearance eventually also could choose these shelves with specific hues such as white, black, or silver. And for those who love more cheerful theme obviously could choose more bright hues for instance green, blue, orange, and so on.

Further ahead, these shelves also could be arranged for different function. The gorgeous living room will be more elegant with these shelves as book storage or flower and plants display. Then for the bathroom, these shelves could be added as a place for bath equipment. Another impressive function of these shelves is for photo display, artwork display, and even gadget storage.

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Overall, these shelves with its slim and modern shape undoubtedly will enhance the attractiveness of each room. The flexibility concept was also very appealing, such as when some home owner want to beautify their kitchen by putting kitchen shelf design, then these slim and simple shelves will be the best choice since they have multi function as equipment storage as well as display places.