Kitchen Lighting for Modern Kitchen Interior Design

Kitchen Lighting for Modern Kitchen Interior Design – Entitled as Sunset Point Residence, this open home design which has kitchen with kitchen lighting wonderfully will stun you with its spacious and connection with the beautiful natural surroundings. Located on San Juan Island, this incredible work of David Vandervort is wrapped in charming wood element for its exterior, leaving enough space for the extensive use of mirroring glass one. Overlooking the sparkling water scenery, this waterfront residence is designed to fully absorb the freshness of its natural environment for a more comfortable place to live in.

Looking at the exterior design of Sunset Point Residence, you can see the modern architectural design is forming its shape, as defined by the clean line. However, this open house design which applies kitchen lighting ideas may successfully blend with its natural surroundings due the charming wood element used fully to wrap its exterior. Leaving enough privacy for the residents, the mirroring glass element used for this living space successfully helps building the connection and openness, without sacrificing the privacy. We also love the garden design which allows the natural impression exposed.

Walking inside this waterfront home, it becomes unsurprising that this living space celebrates the abundant natural light indoors. Not only allowing the light indoors, the large glass element also allows the open living area indoors to celebrate the incredible natural scenery. Wrapped fully in charming warm, neutral color, the indoor living space naturally has benefited the comfortable and soothing feeling. However, the abundant natural light successfully makes the interior looks even more astonishing.

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You will also find how this open living area is designed with tall wall space, allowing this space to look totally spacious as a double-height room. Accenting the charming and warm wooden surface, you can find the cool grey surface as accent wall, which beautifully enhances the warmth within this open and airy room. Sunset Point Residence is undoubtedly one of the most gorgeous open home design ideas that beautifully mix the esthetics aspect such as kitchen lighting pendants with natural elements.