Kitchen Island Cabinet for Fantastic Shipping Container Home

Kitchen Island Cabinet for Fantastic Shipping Container Home – Arcgency has designed this spectacular WFH House, which is built by using a series of old shipping container stacked to create additional living space upstairs which has kitchen island cabinet. Rather than exposing its true form, Arcgency spectacularly hides it by using the wood element to make this WFH House looks like any common home. Forming the interior with clean white surface, you can also see how Arcgency perfectly conceals any sign of container used to form this living space.

Not only greeted by the white interior, you will be welcomed by the spacious feeling when you walk inside this WFH House. You can see how the creative building idea of this shipping container home has provided spacious area indoors such as the kitchen island cabinet design to be assigned for varying household functions. Designed in minimalist approach, you can see how the white interior of this WFH House becomes a focal point in building the amenities within this home.

Despite the all-white interior, Arcgency has carefully designed WFH House’s interior to be really interesting and outstanding. As we all know, white color, as neutral one, has a nature to make it easier in incorporating any colors. Thus, you can find how easy it is to bring plenty of color indoors without disrupting the overall impression.

When you are wandering inside this living space, it is really easy to spot the bright, colorful splash indoors. Look at this charming dining space equipped with simple and modern dining set in black color. The white wall space is simply decorated by a cool contemporary painting in shades of pink. You will also find this cool colorful rug to bring in an accent for the hardwood flooring.

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Looking at the kitchen, you will find how Arcgency has done designing this space to appear neat and organized, thus keeping up with the minimalist and clean impression. Accenting the white kitchen island is the charming wooden surface, with beautiful warm color splash. The same warm color shade can be seen on the beautiful antique rug. Beautifully separating the kitchen with living room is cool and simple white rack filled by fresh potted green plants. Successfully keeping up with the minimalist of this shipping container home design with black kitchen island cabinet, this rack and the green plants successfully add eye-catchy to this open living area as well.