Hanging Lamps in Wooden Home Construction Interior

Hanging Lamps in Wooden Home Construction Interior – Some people like to build a house with wooden construction as great and identifiable ideas such as for the hanging lamps. In this case we have HOUSE House design as well that is located in Richmond, Australia. The house is kind of contemporary house that was completed in 2012 by Andrew Maynard Architects. The structures of this building feature old structure and combined well with new one. The design includes interior and exterior design in this great house.

The design of HOUSE House can be gained as well here in this article by seeing like the kitchen hanging lamps. Wooden construction set is used to construct the wall exterior building in high styles it is located in middle of urban city. The whole building exterior is made of hardwood with glass combinations as windows. The house is located between the existences of brick wall design. The first floor features glass facades in opened space. The porch is stylized in brick floor design. It is also designed in sliding glass wall.

The interior design is made in great application and decoration. They apply the hardwood as floor and white concrete wall to ceiling. There is compact living room with home library. It consists of two leather chairs with small table. They are applied in front of the fireplace with white frame and some books on the book cases. They are applied on floral pattern rug as well with wooden wardrobe at one side. The other decorations are stylized in great with spiral iron staircases with iron steps, too. The under stairs spaces also can be space to put some furniture.

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Based on the situation, we will know that this house can be one of the home design ideas in urban area. This design will be great enough and it is a high building design. The main materials of this building come with woods. Therefore, just get wooden construction plans with hanging lamps design as the best way to get further inspiration in designing a house.