Hanging Fireplace in Small Modern Shelter of Living Space

Hanging Fireplace in Small Modern Shelter of Living Space – This cool modern shelter design with hanging fireplace would be a great inspiration for you in building a small yet comfortable seasonal living space surrounded by natural environment. Named as Island House, this small living space is located by the lake in a beautiful place in Netherlands, named as Loosdrechtse. The design exhibits the minimalist appearance which is useful to provide more space available for a cozy yet functional living area indoors.

As you can see, the exterior of this Island House exhibits the black surface thoroughly that is accented by the use of transparent glass element from floors to ceilings. This use allows the abundance of natural light indoors, which certainly will help saving the use of electricity especially during the bright, sunny days. This modern shelter design which has hanging fireplace tools for its exterior also exhibits the stunning traditional architectural shape that looks really adorable with the charming natural environment surroundings.

What makes this Island House special for us is how this modern small living space is cleverly designed to define the openness with beautiful outdoors. However, it is not only achieved through the use of floors-to-ceilings transparent glass elements as seen before. By the creative home design idea, this Island House is designed with movable wall that certainly will create more of openness as part of this home spectacular design. This way, imagine how airy it feels to spend the days by the lake especially during the beautiful sunny days.

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Walking inside this small yet stunning Island House, you will be greeted by the spacious feeling. Regardless the openness built by this home design, this impression is also created from the simple, minimalist interior design. The all-white interior with its minimalist look of hanging fireplace ideas to this modern shelter design idea successfully provide more space available to make this small living space feels comfortable and becomes really functional.