Glass Door for Modern House Design with Colorful Palettes

Glass Door for Modern House Design with Colorful Palettes – When looking at the design of the Ita House in La Piedad, Michoacan, Mexico, the building has glass door and colorful palettes that are applied in every side. The house is built by Taller5 Arquitectos in two-story. This kind of house is a contemporary house that will delineate different areas. This building is also divided into some different volume building.

In his case, we have some pictures in relation to the Ita House. This Ita House design is constructed in modern materials such as sliding glass doors. It includes the grey wall pattern, white wall, and glass in outdoor. For the interior it becomes more colorful. This house has lawn as courtyard with some natural plants. The all design consists of the glass and yellow wall panels. It is facing to the courtyard. In courtyard, there is an opened room to be lounge seats. It consists of black chaise lounges on the wooden floor.

The room inside is stylized as well. It is designed in pattern floor with various wall designs. The staircases are designed in fabulous with crafted iron grips for the ceramic steps. The living room is located near of the staircases. These crafted iron grips are not only designed as the grips. They also decorate the rooms as the short panels. It includes the big white sofas in L-shaped. It places facing to short glass table with some ornaments. They are on bold red furry rug. The chandeliers are decorated the room better in black sticks.

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Well, how do you look at this kind of house? This house design will be a new idea in designing a great and stunning house with colorful palettes. The materials included in this house are also various that make the house looks more enchanting. Hence, the Ita House design ideas with sliding glass doors with blinds are one of the great inspiring ideas to be taken as the inspiration in building a new house.