Folding Lounge Chair as Modern Retreat Furniture with Minimalist Touch

Folding Lounge Chair as Modern Retreat Furniture with Minimalist Touch – Specially designed for a holiday house, this modern retreat which has folding lounge chair in Stavanger, Norway showcases the total comfort and freshness flowing throughout this living space. Entitled as Casa Kolonihagen, the overflowing relaxing and soothing vibe is made easy by applying the open floor interior. Surrounding by the lush and fresh green, this Casa Kolonihagen is undoubtedly a perfect spot when you are looking for the peace and soothing vibe.

Designed in modern architectural design of folding lounge chair outdoor, this Casa Kolonihagen designed by Tommie Wilhelmsen is wrapped fully in charming wood element for its exterior. You can also find the use of transparent glass element accenting the exterior as part of this modern retreat house. A cozy outdoor dining space is available to compensate the lack of space indoors thus extending the living space to outdoor area, which undoubtedly makes this retreat as a perfect place to spend your summer holidays as well as having a summer party outdoors.

Stepping inside this holiday house, you will be greeted by an open, white interior. Charmingly designed in modern style, this Casa Kolonihagen wonderfully allows the greenery outdoors incorporated easily indoors. See how the bright and clean white interior allows the fresh green splash stands out easily, as well as plenty of bright colors provided by the furniture.

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The interior of this Casa Kolonihagen showcases the minimalist approach perfectly. Resulting in the spacious impression, this holiday house adds splash of blue shades for the cozy sitting nook and comfortable small bedroom corner. The cozy sitting nook is also equipped with simple white floating shelf to store books or any colorful small items, which will provide colorful splash instantly. Looks undoubtedly bright and airy, this modern retreat design which applies folding lounge chair indoor undoubtedly would be a great inspiration for you to get yourself isolated for a while to get your mind and body refreshed.