Floating Vanity in Rustic Residence with Brick Wall Design

Floating Vanity in Rustic Residence with Brick Wall Design – The Stables are kinds of the private residence buildings that are designed in rustic styles such as the floating vanity for the bathroom interior. The house is built in long building by AR Design Studio. It is a kind of contemporary home design in the street of Winchester, England with natural views and greenery. This building looks unique with grey prefabricated roofs and green wooden doors. It is made in same buildings.

Well, the pictures about this residence are following as here. This private residence design is constructed based on natural materials such as the floating vanity cabinet. They are bricks, prefabricated materials, and also the woods. Some of the wall designs are situated in unfinished design. It looks interesting! The interior design is stylized in really contemporary resembling to modern design. The floor is made of neutral grey marble and the wall is in white concrete. The room is stylized as spacious.

As we see in the living room, it consists of medium white sofas in L-shaped with a single black chair near of the door. The wall panels parting the rooms are situated as unique by applying the rustic wooden panels as we see in kitchen. The kitchen stuffs are also in white stuffs for the big coffee table at center and also the white counter. It is for placing sink and stove. How is about dining room? It is located near of kitchen. It is designed with wooden table and white porcelain chairs completing. There are also several chandeliers in bowl styles. It is nice to get the doors. It is designed based on wood materials in neutral colors with no furnishing.

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Well, in this article, we actually still have several designs on the pictures following. The design of this residence is simple and features rustic nuance. The applications of the private residence design concept and also the materials of the floating vanity bathroom will help us to find the best way getting rustic residence.