Family House Design in Modern Gable Structures

Family House Design in Modern Gable Structures – Elisabeth Gray and Alan Organschi have impressively created wondrous family house design and implemented it to a lodge named The Depot House. With sharp and firm shape and emphasize on gable structures, this dwelling stands vigorously in Bantam, Connecticut, USA. Surrounded by beautiful green forest, the house emerges very enchanting, and its gable structures obviously produce a very spacious space which blends with neighboring barns and agricultural heritage.

Basically the gable structures was formed with perpendicular orientations and make each building looks so firm and enormous. The design emerges as a validation that this house was formed from a very mature and well-developed family house design. Some features which explains very impressive about the design are the beautiful deck with cedar as its main accent, the spacious bedroom with its large glass windows, the elegant living room with artistic sofas and cushions, a lovely floating staircase, the minimalist kitchen with white theme, and so on.

Furthermore, the gorgeous dining room was also designed in a very enchanting form, with a very charming pendant lamps and classy wooden table and chairs. There is also a very genuine brick fire place which demonstrates the best side of raw brick as potential material to enhance the artistic value of the whole design. Outside the house, a very relaxing terrace was formed with comfy sofas and of course a very refreshing lap pool.

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Overall this house undoubtedly not only provides a very wondrous design of gable structures which blends amazingly with the site character, but also it shows the best arrangement of materials, coloring, and furnishing as well. Thus this residence becomes very affecting as one of the most captivating and creative family house design, so for those who want to build residences with more dynamic structures could take some inspirations from this dwelling design.