Double Deck Bed in Pop Home Interior Design with Wall Art

Double Deck Bed in Pop Home Interior Design with Wall Art – Home lovers, have you known about the Bear House with double deck bed and wall art? In this case, we have that kind of house included the photos and details. The house was a project by Onion that has been completed in 2013. The Bear house is located in Cha-Am beach, Thailand. This house is famous an eye catching home interior decorations. Yeah, it is fulfilled with some wall decorations of arts.

Well, the design of this house can be found right here. The wall art decor that is applied in this home interior design is a kind of eye catching artistic wallpaper such as double deck bed design. This house is a kind also of modern house in which the structures are various. They apply wooden materials to construct the floor and glass and concrete for the wall. The ceiling is plain designed in concrete in white painting. Is every room, we will find the artistic painting on the white wall. They are in cartoon pictures featuring some bears and words.

The furniture applied is also balanced with the pictures. They are in white table, bold orange sofas, and also long blue sofa along the wall. It is so interesting. Actually this room is situated as wide and they also add TV set at corner. The interesting style is the glass facades to allow people enjoying the outside views. Now, let’s check into other living room that is designed in wooden constructions at all. The furniture is balancing in white sofas and pillows. It is decorated too with the existence of standing lamp with white lamp shade and also some bear accessories in blue on the table.

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Well, here we are with the design of this Bear House. If you are interested to get more, you can follow this article. Of course, this article still has wall art decor ideas that are applied in this kind of house as great ideas to decorate our interior design with double deck bed ideas in eye catching.