Dorm Room Design for Funky Teenager Living Place

Dorm Room Design for Funky Teenager Living Place – Do you need dorm room design? Well, this article is fit for you. These rooms have stylish and stunning which are appropriate for teenager. Not only cozy as a studying place, but this chamber also cool for hang out with friends. Read this complete article to see interesting facts about these rooms.

The first room is dominated with blue color. It has blue color for the entire wall. The combination of white furniture and blue wall create amazing view of this chamber. This room has white cabinet which is stick on the blue wall. This cabinet is also blend with white study desk. It looks so fancy and stylish. In the other cabinet is set TV which can be a perfect spot to be seen. You also can find blue carpet with pillow floors in the middle of the chamber. It looks perfect for hangout with your pals! Look how fresh and cozy this dorm room design!

The second room has red as the main color. This chamber also has big window which makes the room looks so bright and warm. You can find metal bunk bed in the corner of the room. Across the bunk bed is available high white bookshelf which adheres to the red wall. You can keep your stuff and your books here. This room looks unique because the location of the study tables is in the middle of the room. It looks like your mini office. You can study and have a little chit chat with your roommates. Fantastic isn’t it?

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The last room has sea green as the color of the wall. It looks so fresh and relaxing. Some of furniture has green color which blends perfectly with the wall color. You can find white bed in the middle of the room. Next to it is added cozy armchair for reading time. Look how nice this room. Across the room is set sea green open shelf to organize your stuff. So, how do you think about this dorm room design for your own chamber?