Desk Lamp for Modern Home Lighting System

Desk Lamp for Modern Home Lighting System – When seeing the design of this Casa La HIlaria completed by RDR Arquitectos, we will see the harmonious look between contemporary designs with the natural accent in a modern home which is installed with desk lamp. This modern residence is surrounded by the green vegetation promoting the rejuvenating look of this residence exterior. This green environment can be the perfect backdrop for the beautiful design of the swimming pool. The pool look is perfectly decorated with the natural sense and feel. Relaxing space besides the pool is furnished with modern bench in white cushion and sleek look.

Chic appearance is the impression when we see the design of this house. This can be the inspiring green modern home with simple desk lamp design and ultramodern design. The bright exterior color gives the beautiful contrast to the earth color dominated by green. Wood gives the accent on these white exterior walls. Wood is used as door material in this contemporary home with white color theme. Glass elements employed as the windows structure allowed the greenery scenery can be enjoyed through these windows.

The exterior decoration is also in natural theme. Exterior flooring is structured from the tile flooring that is designed in rusticity concept. The wooden benches set in the terrace can be the casual dining room that emphasizes on the simple furniture concept. A set of terracotta jugs is placed in the corner of the home terrace adding the natural and traditional look. Contemporary sculpture is set in the corner of the house giving the sculptural accent in this home exterior.

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Glamorous look is presented by the interior design. The corner of the room interior has warm look with vibrant color application. Orange colored light is suitable with this small corner facing the large glass windows. Modern home environment looks refreshing as well as the desk lamp led in this greenery and in natural decorating ideas.