Cushioned Folding Chairs in Colorful Modern Home Interior Style

Cushioned Folding Chairs in Colorful Modern Home Interior Style – Beautifully opens to the sparkling water and natural environment, this modern home takes the advantage by providing the connection between indoor living space which has cushioned folding chairs with magnificent scenery. Entitled as Lake House 2, this beautiful living space is designed with a series of outdoor space including patio as a form of openness defined. You can also see how this Lake House 2 is designed carefully by McClellan Architects with the large transparent glass element to connect indoors with outdoors.

Perfectly placed on its outdoor space with cushioned folding patio chairs, this patio is wonderfully designed for an experience of enjoying the unabated scenery. Perfect for beautiful sunny days, this spot is also great to enjoy the beautiful sunsets. Wrapped fully in charming warm, natural color as part of this modern home design effort to establish the connection with natural environment, this outdoor space undoubtedly celebrates the warmth and coziness. Functioned as outdoor dining space and cozy sitting area, a warm fireplace is added to give extra warmth surrounding this outdoor living space.

Looking at this Lake House 2 exterior, you can see how McClellan Architects strikingly creates the charming impression of warm, natural color scheme from the mix of varying natural materials: wood, stone, and a dose of granaries for its outdoor space, along with the transparent glass element. Forming a striking architectural design in modern style, the result is showing us how the creative idea can bridge the modernity with natural elements perfectly.

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Walking inside this home, you will also find the mix of stone and wood forming its beautiful, warm interior. Just take a look at this charming living room with cozy sofas. Undoubtedly perfect for a warm gathering time, the abundant of rich color seen within this living room certainly will make this space feels even warmer. We really love how the textured stone element is used as part of this modern home interior without showing off to much rustic style of the cushioned wooden folding chairs, thus supporting the unique modern impression instead.