Carpet Stair Treads for Contemporary Home Staircase Design

Carpet Stair Treads for Contemporary Home Staircase Design – Exquisitely designed by Parsonson Architects, this contemporary home is done by mixing the freshness of the lush green surroundings with its modern design of carpet stair treads. Entitled as Sea View House, this living space also overlooks the wonderful sea and mountains view to make its location looks even more astonishing. You can also see how this contemporary living space design is done with unique, modern shape defined by clean lines, making this Sea View House looks undoubtedly fantastic.

Designed with emphasize on modern style such as the modern carpet stair treads, this Sea View House is done with the use of clean and bright white surface accented beautifully by wood element. However, due its uniquely shaped architectural design, this contemporary home design plays with cool visual impression to make the indoors looks totally striking. You can find one of the unique impressions indoors from this living area, with sloping ceiling space accented with transparent glass element, exposing the greenery outdoors as well.

Undoubtedly refreshing, this dining and kitchen space looks totally airy due the extensive use of transparent glass element replacing its wall space. From this space, you can overlook the unabated sea view while enjoying the warm natural light indoors. Resulting in spacious feeling, the minimalist approach successfully makes this open room incorporating the striking scenery perfectly to its interior. We really love the use of rounded dining table that certainly will help saving more space as well as the charming wooden surface that looks totally warm.

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As you can see, the extensive use of wood element, to bring in accent within this Sea View House, results in the warm and cozy feeling flowing throughout this cool contemporary living space. Perfectly contrasting the white surface, the wooden surface also provides the eye-catchy texture to keep this living space simple and minimalist. However, you can find more wall decorations, as seen on the striking contemporary artwork that looks totally simple. See also this cool decor as part of these contemporary home design ideas for the clean white wall space like the carpet stair treads bullnose, thus adding texture to this clean space.