Bedroom Curtains for Home Renovation Décor

Bedroom Curtains for Home Renovation Décor – Home lovers, there is a home renovation of a contemporary house with bedroom curtains called Casa Olivi. This house was renovated by Wespi de Meuron Architekten, this Caviano-based studio that located in the province of Macerata; it is in the central Marche, Italy. The house was renovated to be eclectic home design with still maintaining the original tastes n 2010. The building lies on 3,350 square foot as beautiful farmhouse.

Here are the pictures! The home renovation design which applies bedroom curtains style is located in high hill. It can allow us to get look landscape and views around. The constructions are made of brick wall designs in neutral shades. This building is also placed on the land with greenery surrounded. Some of the walls are combined as window with glasses. This house has an opened swimming pool in white porcelain styles. This is located in one side. There is the outdoor kitchen that is placed in opened space. They also make the ceiling as well. The furniture consists of brick and stainless steel counter as kitchen stuffs and also brick table at center with white chairs.

The interior decoration is also made of brick wall in some and concrete. As in the living room, they apply the modern furniture. They are such as big white sofas with brown striped pattern pillows. It is facing to white table at center and TV set on the white wall. The indoor dining table is stylized as eclectic too by accomplishing wooden bench as table and also some white porcelain chairs as completed. It is nice to know the stainless steel hanger for clothes applied along the wall side in wooden bench room.

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Now, you may look at more designs that can be gained as well here. The renovation design that is conducted to this house features eclectic result with original tastes and different looks. Hence, get more home renovation ideas with bedroom curtains design following in this article based on the photos provided.