Bathroom Vanity Mirror for Home Remodeling Concept

Bathroom Vanity Mirror for Home Remodeling Concept – This Total Remodel located in Los Altos, Long Beach, California is a striking and wonderful home remodeling that definitely will stun you with its final result. Combining various textures and patterns, this wonderful living space remodeled by Weaver Design Group also includes the rich yet bright color splash to make its interior looks extremely stunning. This remodeling concept also includes the stylish and stunning look through the cool contemporary design style.

Approaching this striking living space, you will be greeted by the cool exterior that fantastically exposes the texture especially through the use of textured brick stone. As you can see, this home remodeling idea exhibits the stone wall exterior that looks really beautiful in its natural muted color, which blends fantastically with the fresh green lawn. The texture is also seen on the stone pathway, as well as the cool and dramatic decoration for the green lawn. The door greets you with the bright color splash popping out in this simple facade.

Walking inside, you will be welcomed by the abundant bright orange burst throughout the living room. You can find this bright color splash not only on the wall space, but on the stylish and modern furnishings as well, including the stunning yet cozy sofas. Contrasting the rustic and traditional feeling of the textured brick stone wall, this combination exhibits the eye-catchy and unique mix which makes this living room looks totally blasting. See also how the bright orange wall spaces are fantastically decorated with striking contemporary artworks.

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The chic and stylish kitchen space showcases the wonderful design idea for the kitchen backsplash. The mosaic style for the kitchen backsplash wonderfully adds accent and eye-catchy detail to this beautiful kitchen, which surprisingly looks a bit luxurious. The luxurious sense is more like because of the sleek surface within this kitchen space, designed beautifully in neutral yet deep and rich colors accented by clean white surface. See also how the lighting design to this home decorating idea may provide not only its functionality but also the beautiful effect for more wonderful visual interest.