10 Person Dining Table as dining Room Furniture for Modern Home Interior

10 Person Dining Table as dining Room Furniture for Modern Home Interior – Entitled as Washington Park Hilltop Residence, this modern home which sets 10 person dining tables is specially designed for you who seek for the peace and soothing vibe for your comfortable living space. Designed and completed by Stuart Silk Architects, the Washington Park Hilltop Residence is designed carefully to take the advantage of its site, overlooking the wonderful Lake Washington. Built as an H-shaped home, the middle part is fully functioned as a cozy and open living area.

Looks really wonderful and luxurious, the Washington Park Hilltop Residence is fully wrapped in charming warm color scheme indoors and outdoors. The exterior, as you can see, gets along beautifully with the lush green surroundings. Perfectly establishes the comfort as the purpose of this modern home design with 10 person dining table set, this beautiful combination results in a connection between the building and the natural environment.

Walking inside the living area, you will be greeted by the absolute comfort from the mix of warm, deep color shades wrapping this open room. Mainly showcasing the warm earthy tone, the living area may appear brighter due the extensive use of large glass element. Thus, you can see the openness and connection established for this indoor living space as well.

What we love the most about this living area is the charming and beautiful choice of luxurious furnishing. Look at this charming beige sofa that looks undoubtedly comfortable for a warm family time. See also the beautiful choice for the modern dining set, showcasing the charming wooden dining set in gorgeous rich brown color splash.

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Surprisingly spacious, this impression is created not only by the large transparent glass element equipped in this open living area. See the striking use of fireplace mantel kit doubling as room partition to separate the sitting space and dining one. Cleverly built as a double-sided fireplace, this one successfully accentuates this modern home interior design which is to embrace this living space in warmth and the dining room with 10 person outdoor dining tables, by providing warmth throughout this living area.